Flinn Scientific Lab Safety Challenge

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  1. JN12

    she did not put her hair up .she didnt wear shoes that cover her feet.she is chewing gum.she didnt put her goggles on.she is not measuring and she is eating food in the lab.

    1. JH9

      Goggles not fully on, messy work space, no gloves, eating after touching chemicals, not washing hands, open flame, no tongs, eating chemicals,lab coat not fully on. #9

  2. MT16

    1. flip-flops 2. hair not tied back 3.scarf hanging down 4.goggles not on eyes 5. lab coat not on correctly 6.chewing gum 7.tasting chemicals 8.chemicals not labeled 9.drinking and eating in the lab 10.disstracted 11.hair spray 12.makeup 13.not wafting 14.can’t pour back into container 15.open flames 16.trash on the table 17.no gloves 18.not cleaning up after lab

  3. IH9

    1.she was tasting things
    2.she tried pouring things back and forth
    3.she wouldn’t put her goggles on
    4.she tied her lab coat around her waist
    5. she didn’t tie her hair back

  4. JT16

    There were many things wrong during the science experiment. The student rushed into the lab, and even though it wasn’t considered horseplay, it was very dangerous. She could have bumped into or knocked something over. When her instructor handed her a pair of goggles, the student refused to slide them over her eyes, so instead she wore them on her forehead during the experiment. The student also wore her lab coat incorrectly, tying it around her waist instead of wearing it normally. She was wearing jewelry and other things around her wrists, and wore a loose scarf dangling around her neck and didn’t consider removing them. She did not tie her hair up to prevent it brushing in her face and hanging down, she had open-toe shoes and shorts, also. While looking through the sheets of paper, she crumbled up one of them and threw it on the floor, and it could have maybe been important. She also forgot to label the ingredients! Since of that, she decided to taste one of them. When she announced that she was hungry, she just placed her purse up on the counter and started bringing out food and a drink, and no food was aloud into the science lab, and its not aloud at any of the rest at anytime. She even poured her coke into the beaker, which could have been used before. She could have been poisoned or worse, even though it was probably cleaned multiple times. She started to place the ingredients on places that they were not supposed to go. When she had poured too much of one thing, she just poured it back into the same container, and that is not good. Even if it wasn’t messed with, the air could have changed it. Worried of her appearance, the student started to spray her hair with hairspray and put lipstick on. She created an open flame on a candle and moved it close to her face. She just placed the beaker with the ingredients above the flame. When the black stuff appeared under the beaker, the student grabbed the bottle of Dawn and washed it off with that. She didn’t even let the instructor grab something to clean the bottom off. The soap could have maybe caused some chemical reaction. She also smelled the substance, but put it close to her nose and sniffed, instead of wafting like she should have. Her nose started to burn, probably. When the substance lifted up and flowed out of the beaker while the student was holding it, it got on the skin on her hands because she forgot to wear gloves. When the instructor was telling her that she get something to clean it off, the student said it was fine and acted like it was no big deal. Overall, the work space was just messy, and it was a horrible idea for the student to not listen to the instructor. Even the instructor was doing something wrong: not rolling up her sleeves, which she probably had to do also. There was probably so much more safety hazards that I missed. There were signs all about lab safety, but the student was just not caring.

  5. BS14

    she didn’t tie her hair back, she didn’t want to use the safety equipment, she wasn’t organized, she ingested chemicals, and she ate in the lab

  6. SAM10

    Number 10:

    She wore open toed shoes.Didn’t put her hair up.Chewing gum.Didn’t put goggles on.She didn’t lable chemicals.Tasted chemicals.Drank soda and ate food in lab.

  7. 13

    this is #13. she is wearing her goggles wrong, shes wearing her lab coat wrong, her hair is not put back,she was eating, she was drinking,she was running in the lab.

  8. VM11

    she has her hair down, she is chewing gum, she is not dressed appropriately, she is not wearing shoes to cover up her feet, she tasted the chemicals, she didn’t measure right, she poured the chemical on the balance machine, she’ not wearing no gloves, she has food in the lab, poured Dr. pepper in he beaker which the chemical was in, she brought hair product, and make up, she smelled the chemical even though she should’ve wafted, she poured the chemical back into its regular pace, she put fire on glass, her place is messy,

  9. ZF7

    In the video the lady didn’t pull back her hair, didn’t put on goggles right, tasted the chemicals in the beakers, didn’t wear gloves during the lab, she made a big mess during the lab, was eating in the lab, she didn’t wash hands after the lab, had open shoes, she was chewing gum, lose clothes, didn’t put on lab coat the right way, not following the direction on the paper, didn’t waft, was playing with the flames, not organized, had jewelry on, playing with the chemicals, not listening to her lab partner, wasn’t prepared before the lab, brought hairspray to the lab which was wrong to bring to a lab, last but not least didn’t measure right.

  10. CJ10

    6B #10
    She didn’t wear the goggles right, she had open toe shoes, she wasn’t actually wearing her lab coat, she had gum, she didn’t follow instructions, she wasn’t measuring right, she had food and drinks in the lab, and she smelled the chemicals directly.

  11. 6A KN12

    1 she is not listening to the supervisor
    2 her hair is not pulled up
    3 she was making a mess
    4 she didn’t clean up her mess
    5 she spilled her chemicals
    6 she had her purse in her work space
    7 she was chewing gum
    8 she wasn’t wearing her labcoat correctly
    9 she wasn’t wearing her goggles correctly
    10 she brought hairsrpay which is flammable
    11 she was eating and drinking food and soda
    12 she was wearing sandals
    13 she put back the chemical on the regular place
    14 she tasted the chemicals
    15 she wore no gloves
    16 she was playing around with fire
    17 she was misbehaving
    18 she was very disrespectful

  12. JC number 3

    1. she is chewing gum 2. she’s eating in the lab 3. she’s also drinking in the lab 4. her hair was down 5.she has a messy work area 6. she didn’t want to put on her goggles and her lab coat 7. and she was chewing gum

  13. AC6

    She was eating gum, did not have her hair tied up, loose jewelry, flip flops instead of closed shoes, left bag on table, loose baggy shorts, wore lab coat incorrectly, did not put goggles on fully or correctly, no gloves, did not label chemicals, tasted chemicals, poured chemicals on to balance, did not use funnel to pour chemicals, making a big mess, eating and drinking in the lab, using hairspray and make- up, did not waft and smelt chemicals directly, poured random chemicals together, lit a match, heated incorrectly, cleaning beaker with chemicals in it, and did not clean up her work space.

  14. VB#2

    She is wearing shorts, not wearing goggles, not putting her hair up, not wearing a lab coat, chewing gum, she did not label her chemicals, she is not being careful at all, she is not being accurate with her measurements, she is eating and drinking in the lab, she is wearing flip flops, she is using flammable spray.She directly smelt a chemical.She poured a chemical back in its original container. She was using a open flame to heat a chemical. -#2

  15. JG7

    1.she was very unorganized and oblivious about it.
    2.she was ignoring all safety precautions and instruction
    3.she was chewing and eating inappropriate fluids and food
    4.she was denying all facts and instructions about the project
    5.she was in a rush and flunked all demonstration requirements
    6. The instructor was trying to correct her on her inappropriate behavior but failed to do so and now risks the girls heath.


    1 she ran in which could have been dangerous
    2 she had no gloves
    3 she spilled the chemicals
    4 she was eating and drinking food and soda
    5 she put back the chemicals to its regular place after it has been used it could have affected the air
    6 she made a mess
    7 she did not clean up after herself
    8 she had hairspray which was flammable
    9 she had her hair down
    10 she had stuff dangling of her wrist
    11 she tasted the chemicals
    12 she did not listen to the instructor
    13 she brought make up
    14 she smelled the chemicals even though she could have wafted the chemicals
    15 she guested on the measurements
    16 she was wearing sandals
    17 she was chewing gum
    18 she put her purse on her work space
    19 she was not careful
    20 she was misbehaving
    21 she was disrespectful
    22 she was very rude
    23 she went way to fast
    24 she refused to put her goggles around her eyes
    25 she refused to put on the lab coat on correctly
    26 she had a scarf on and did not even consider taking it off
    27 she wore shorts
    28 she crumpled up a piece of paper that could have been very important
    29 she forgot to label the ingredients
    30 she poured coke into the beaker which could have been used many times
    31 she put the ingredients in the wrong places
    32 she created an open flame and set it under a beaker
    33 when the instructor told hero wash her hands she said it was no big deal

  17. 5CC

    Her hair wasn’t pulled back, she drank and smelled chemicals numeral amount of times to sort them out, used equipment as a cup for her coke, she had a long scarf as well as non-appropriate clothes that can easily catch fire, she had her googles on top of her head but never wore them to cover her eyes, her workspace had no space at all, she used hair spary and makeup that are very flammable, and finally
    She made her teacher clean up the mess at the end of glass

  18. JPC4

    She did not where the goggles,she did not have gloves on, she didn’t have her hair tide back,she brought food into the lab,She drank chemicals

  19. AP13

    1 hair not put up
    2 open toed shoes
    3goggles not on right
    4 lab coat not worn properly
    5 chewing gum
    6 tasting chemicals
    7 being messy/unorganized
    8 Gloves not worn
    9 eating in lab
    10 using flammable objects

  20. JoG6

    Number 6
    She did not put her hair up ,and did not wear her lab coat,no goggles,did not follow procedures , did no gloves,messy area did not know what to do.

  21. KA1


    1. Carrie (the presenter) had open toe shoes and she doesn’t have her hair in a pony tail.
    2. She is not dressed appropriately
    3. She is not wearing her goggles correctly and her lab coat too.
    4. She has a messy area.
    5. She tasted some of the sodium.
    6. She is eating and drinking in the lab.
    7. She drank out of the beaker,
    8. does not have gloves..

  22. 16

    Oh! Also i meant to add that the student needed to watch her handwriting. When she wrote an O, it kind of looked like a D. On little mistake could make a big difference!!

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