Memory Palace

If you have ever read some of the Arthur Conan Doyle ” Sherlock Holmes”, or seen the BBC “Sherlock” TV series , you may have noticed the mind palace mentioned or implied. I noticed this and thought hardly more than “oh that’s just a fictional tool Doyle used to make Sherlock seem more mysterious.” Until a few days ago when I watch this:

I was greatly fascinated by this and tried to use it myself.

One evening My father mentioned a alloy called orichalcum commonly associated with Atlantis. Being that it was late in the evening I could not go research it right away, and knowing myself if I did not do immediately I would forget (thank you fathers genes!) So I tried to use the memory palace: I closed my eyes and imagined my front door, I opened my front door and imagined that the floor was covered in water. I look toward our huge fish tank to see a sword in the broken glass. Water= Atlantis, Sword= orichalcum. A few days later I went to use my “mind palace” and remembered that the floor was covered in water and then I remembered the alloy. I was very impressed that I could do this without any practice or training or anything.

To add another point” kudos to Doyle! Doyle’s made a “super” human who is completely normal. Sherlock can do amazing things that seem impossible but are so easy when explained. ‘You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.’- Sherlock Holmes.

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