Why Alexander the Great is so Great (part.4)

After Alexander defeated the Persians at the Battle of Issus, he went to Egypt, which had been ruled by the Persians for 200 years (ish.) Since the Egyptians hated the Persians due to their ridicules taxes and intolerance for the Egyptians religion. The Egyptians happily appointed Alexander as pharaoh, beginning a cultural exchange between Egypt and Greece and vice versa lasting for the next 300 years.

While Pharaoh Alexander was in Egypt he mad a perilously tremendous journey across the desert to the shire of Zeus Ammon. Legend tells that he was guided by ravens and blessed with rain. When he arrived to this temple the priests said that he was the son of Zeus. Whether or not he believed in his own divinity, he used the priest’s words to his advantage. If you didn’t think he was prideful before surly you will now.

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