Bon Voyage, Mon Amie!

I’ve recently decided that je aime français! A friend of mine recently introduced me to some great French music. While we were listening to the beautiful music together, we decided to go on an internet travel expedition.

First we traveled to the Bermuda Triangle. Did you know one of the vertices of the triangle is actually a small island called Bermuda? We didn’t really spend too much time there because we quickly decided that France was a more interesting place to visit.

We hopped on over to France and of course our first stop was Le Tour Eiffel.

We decided to dance underneath the beautifully lit tower. We picnicked on brie, baguettes, et bordeaux while discussing our dreams in life and listening to La Vie en Rose.

C’est tres bon! Then we journeyed to the magnificent Arc de Triomphe and studied the intricate architecture which took thirty years to complete the first stone being laid in 1806.

We concluded our traveling by walking through the only place in the world that could be in possession of such awe-inspiring masterpieces such as

and and .

There’s a whole world out there to see. It amazes me that there’s so much of it and average people see so minimal. My dream is to explore the world so unseen. It’s a pity more people don’t share this dream.

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