Don’t let “Them” sell you Christmas

Many people like myself and my family complains about how they (society) try to make Christmas all about the gifts and the happiness. While we all love receiving presents from the ones we love and reciprocating in a similar fashion. Christmas is completely not about that. If you think like our Christ killing society you see Christmas as a holiday spent with friends and family where we give everybody gifts for no reason at all. It’s quite absurd for us to just randomly give people presents because we “love” them. Apparently being born in a barn and dying on a cross just for the sake of love is not good enough for them. Christmas is a celebration of the life and love of Jesus Christ Savior of the world not a time for us to say “more, more, more, me, me, me.” Christmas is a time for service to others like the lord provided to us. It’s a time for joy in the life of our savior and celebrating that he loved us enough to come down and be one of us. Christmas is a time for singing and laughing and not just joy but happiness too. That’s Christmas to me.

I’m not saying that we should not give gifts to those that we choose but don’t make Christmas all about material things. When we focus on things of this world our vision into the greatest things in life is cloud by all our stuff. Also don’t be disappointed when you get socks in your stocking. Just remember how many times you say “I don’t have any socks.”

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