Intellectual Horsepower vs. Torque

Knowledge is like horsepower and you may have hundreds of horsepower but without torque (the knowledge of how to) knowledge is useless. Our world seems to be at a shortage of practical knowledge you hear about these people who obsess over things like Tv shows, movies, games, books. Knowing more about this alternate world than they do about how to change the tires on their cars. Although I admit I too have been a victim to this most atrocious crime of our world of many worlds. We have become so overly obsessed with the concept of a utopia that will never come unless we make a difference with knowledge that actually matters. If we would teach our children the practical knowledge that everyone no matter who you are should know.  Than this world be closer to the utopia that we seek. Even if the utopia you seek is not of this world. Intellect is worthless unless we know how to use it. Some knowledge while it may not be practical we must know it to help our souls reach heaven. Humans are born with the innate huger for the truth. That we will not sate until we attain holy communion with our holy father in heaven. Now go my enlighten friends go forth and enlighten others of our global dilemma. And teach your children how to change their tires seriously.

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