Acid-Base Reactions in Solution: Crash Course Chemistry

Lets talk about the actual reactions happening in solutions – atoms reorganizing themselves to create whole new substances in the processes that make our world the one we know and love (most of the time). I just want to say “Hank, you just perfectly simply complicated a very complicated yet simple thing that we has english speaking humans have a hard time finding verbage for.”: An acid is anything that donates a proton, and a base is anything that accepts a proton. In this episode of Crash Course you will quickly learn that Chemistry Can Cause Death (via face melting, literally), Acids and Bases are Complicated (oh, you thought I was a base that was before the reaction, I’m now a conjugate acid), Conjugate Bases, Conjugate Acids, Acid Base Stoichiometry (is the calculation of relative quantities of reactants and products in chemical reactions.) Two reasons you should watch this thrilling session of C.C.C.: One, you get to learn about face-melting science no joke. Two,  you learn words like Stoichiometry that you can use to sound smart and like you actually know what you’re saying. Happy living guys -M

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