Silver Ring Testimony

I got my purity ring when I was 10ish. I’ve managed to keep track of it since then. Of course I’ve revived a few between then and now, but I still have my very first one. This ring means a lot to me. It has helped me stay strong through the public school system. When I see it I’m reminded that the Lord is always with me, and I must be an example of his love and his purity.

When I went to Slaton Jr. High I was constantly tested by the other students. Many of the other guys took pride in their impurity. I would have to pray particularly for strength to remain pure. I’m sure that without the promise I’ve made to God and myself through my purity ring I would have failed these tests. Luckily I have managed to avoid many of the tempters by leaving the public school system.

Purity commitments will surely be something I strongly advise for my future children.

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