Personal Vocation

Recently I read a book called Personal Vocation. The book was pretty slow to get to the actual concept of personal vocation. One that I really appreciated about the book was how frequently it reminds the reader that personal vocations are not just Priesthood or consecrated life. Everyone has a personal vocation. Marriage, for example, is a vocation. It also did a good job of giving examples of people trying to live out their vocations. One of the stories were of a young man named Phil and he was in a wheelchair. He wanted to be a lawyer. He did very well in school and even got to be on the jury a few times. When he had finally finished law school he took a few cases to work on. A few years later he died. The moral of the story was not the fact the he tried so hard to become a lawyer and fulfill his vocation, but the example that he set for his fellow classmates. 

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