Day 4 Fit and 40…the shoes have arrived!

Waiting with excitement…

The brown truck pulled up and, in his hand, the driver carried the small box with my new running shoes and tights!

I haven’t been this excited to move my body in such a long time…it is almost weird.

I have already modified my eating and am working on keeping my blood sugar stable throughout the day…even took off a few pounds. 😉

The initial plan is to use the couch to 5K plan which is 3 days per week. In addition, I am going to work up to 6 days of exercise a week with 3 days of low intensity work with my horse…great for arms, abs and abductors…oh and glutes too!

Next, is to schedule a time that works with my husband’s work schedule. He really wants to train with me this time. The boys will be grudgingly tackling the task as well…with the exception of Sam who has been asking me to help him train to run for the last few years.

I know this is supposed to be hard and tedious and well…a penance, but I am just beside me self with anticipation…what has the Lord have in store? Guess I will wait and see…

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