Day 0 Fit and 40!

I have run the race…

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I used to be in excellent shape. About 13 years ago I successfully dropped over 135 pounds by limiting my intake and increasing my output. I have struggled to keep the weight off over the years, but have managed to keep the majority at bay.

This has been an incredible year…big move (9 hours with horses)..oldest child got married..graduated college…helping ailing grandparent in her last days…All of these events have been the excuses to gain almost 40 pounds! With all the knowledge and experience I have with this, “thorn” you would think I could avoid this, but sadly here I am again.

This time around I have a little new knowledge about myself….yeah it is called Reactive Hypoglycemia and it has apparently been causing havoc for me for quite some time. I didn’t realize it was an issue until I decided to limit my carbs and eliminate all the high fiber foods I once enjoyed. I started to get, “foggy brained” and mildly low blood sugar. I stuck with the low carb thing as long as I could, but have to abandon it because of the consistent weight gain, unfocused thoughts, and headaches.

When contemplating the upcoming lenten season and how I will observe it myself, I heard a little voice tell me…no fasting…not giving anything up, but add some things…change things up…get fit in mind and body. Usually, I take on some type of fasting, one year it was meat and wheat which led to discovering my gluten intolerance. Another year, artificial sweeteners leading to discovering my intolerance for non-natural sweeteners. This year it is about rediscovering my joy of the battle over myself…

Like Paul, I have a thorn in my side. I allow the enemy of my soul to taint everything that brings me joy…I used to run 5 miles 3 times a week! During that time I would pray and contemplate the wonders of our Creator. I am turning 40 this year and with God’s help I will be fit and 40!

A battle is about to be fought…the victory is already His…I just need to participate and rediscover the hidden soldier inside my soul…this has nothing to do with the scale, the mirror or even has everything to do with who I am…in Christ.

Let the games begin…eat my dust satan!

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