Looking for the King

Here is my presentation explaining David C. Downing’s “Looking for the King.” This book was fun to read and contains good content. I would suggest it to everyone.




One thought on “Looking for the King

  1. euphemos

    Dude, this is awesome! Fantastic images, insightful analysis.

    Two minor points:

    Be careful to proof read for grammatical errors and tyops:
    * After meeting Ms. Hartman, had… (missing “he had”)
    * She and… not Her and…
    * They realize then what the are looking for (they are…)
    * something, like the Spear, else – awkward

    Be sure when you make presentation slides that the colors are distinct enough when viewed small. When viewed full screen, these are beautiful, but some of the font/background color combinations are difficult to read unless you have it full screen. Something that helps with that is to enable shadows on the font. Other times, you have to go with a more contrasting color.

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