They know we are Christians by our love…

They know we are Christians by our love…

I sit here a bit dumbfounded…I do not understand people. Not just any people; people I love, admire and hold in high esteem. I do not understand how anyone who claims to love like Christ loves can subject their conscience to the pure exploitation that is exhibited in the popular BBC series Downton Abby.

As a mother, my heart breaks for anyone who may have a child struggling to identify with the characters in this program. From vilifying the homosexual behavior to the flaunting and flirting to marry in order to keep, “what is rightfully, mine!” It saddens me that anyone would find it entertaining to allow the enemy, through media which is his favorite device, to taint their perspective.

It is not love to paint the homosexual characters as sexual predators, such as depicting them sneaking into someone’s room and kissing them while they sleep. It is not love to allow yourself to be whisked away with the thoughts that as long as they continue to depict these characters as “bad” that you can justify watching this story unfold. What happens when they make him into a hero or worse; continue to ostracize him based based on his sexual orientation? How can this be an example of love? How does this help us to love those who we don’t understand? What if this was your child, your friend, your loved one?

We are called to have faith as little children, but would we allow our children to watch this program? As a parent, I spend most of my energy insuring that my boys environment is wholesome and contains explicit examples of love and morality. If you feel like the programs your spend your time watching are 99% worthwhile, great…but what about the 1%…do you want your child to learn to enjoy the exploitation of someone’s failings? How would you feel, really, if Jesus walked in while you sat on the edge of your couch waiting for next enticement?

Often, stories can give us amalgams of real life. No story is ever completely new, there are always elements that help us to identify with pieces of our lives. How many times have you been so moved by a character’s struggle that you cried? A good author/director can manipulate us to force this emotional attachment…with music, setting, character development. Are you allowing someone to manipulate your perspective and change your level of acceptable immorality?

I guess it isn’t even about this program at all…it is about how we love…how do we build up the Kingdom…how do we raise the next generation to be better, not base.


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