Fr. Barron’s Catholicism: episode 3

Today, Wednesday on the 16th of January, we watched the 3rd episode of Fr. Barron‘s series on Catholicism. This episode was entitled “The Mystery of God.” In it he tries to capture and help us understand God more fully. In my opinion he really just showed us how little we really know about this amazing God we have.

Fr. Barron gives us the example of an Atheists argument, that there is no “God”, and responded to that argument with Thomas Aquinas’ point of view. St. Thomas says, Do you see that cloud, that cloud has a beginning, and an end. Now, lets take it a step further, how about us humans we have a beginning and an end. Now, another step, how about the earth, it had a beginning and will someday have an end. He goes on to the stars and the very universe saying ” all these things have a beginning and an end” The point of the argument was to say something with no beginning and no end had to of made all this.

All of this just shed the light, for me, on the fact that most people would see all these facts and say wow that is so incomprehensible and just leave it at that. I view it as the reason to continue to search for him and continue to feed that curiosity, because as you feed that curiosity you draw closer to the Lord. OK  now, most people would say that if there was a God there would be no evil. My response to that is; possibly the greatest gift that God gave to mankind is our free will. Evil is purely our abuse of our free will, God will not interfere with our free will because he respects it, like any father would. The true amazingness of God is that he then will forgive us and take us in to his heart.

The trinity is the hardest part of God, for me, to understand. 3 in 1. The best example I have heard is from St. Augustine of Hippo. Think of the word wonder. In Spanish wonder literally means to ask myself. in the process of wondering do you split in to two separate beings? No! But rather you take two sides in one form. Now those are called the Base of Thought, And The Self Knowledge  the Father and the Son. What about the Holy Spirit. Well, the spirit is shown as self love which is only achieved by the greater knowledge of one’s self.

5 thoughts on “Fr. Barron’s Catholicism: episode 3

  1. HFHS

    *Sam* In my opinion, without our free will we would not need Jesus,because there would be nothing to cause us to falter. Without or free will we would essentially cease to be human.

  2. euphemos

    As Catholics, we can say “and” – The greatest gift from God to Man is the gift of himself and the capacity to love him freely in return. Either without the other is less.

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