Fr. Barron’s Catholicism Episode: 3

Today, January 16th, my family and I watched the third part of Fr. Barron’s series called “Catholicism.” He spoke a lot about God’s name. I had never realized what God meant when we told Moses “I am who I am.” Fr. Barron said that this means, God is what it is to be. I had always thought that God was saying, I am the one God.

Fr. Barron also addressed the fact that we can’t even begin to understand God. We barely understand what is around us how would we understand the one who spoke all of our surroundings into existence.

The last thing that Fr. Barron spoke about was the trinity. Earlier today my Father and I were talking and we determined the difference between the trinity and modality. Modality is like water, ice, and steam. They are all the same but at the same time they are different. The biggest difference is that the trinity is ever-present, all three figures are here at every moment. With modality the water changes and becomes something else. I had never thought of this.

I have found these episodes very educational and interesting.

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  1. HFHS


    I do agree with your Modality and ever present trinity statement and find it very insightful. I also thought that God’s “I am who I am” was him saying i am the one true God. If I am remembering correctly wasn’t God’s the only undying thing, the only thing that does not eventually fade?

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