Final thought on: The Speaker for The Dead.


When I began my book I knew I would enjoy reading it. I had previously read Enders game the first in Orson Scott Cards Ender series. I thoroughly enjoyed Enders game and could not wait to read the next book. So I start to read Speaker for The Dead and question my opinion on this book. In the beginning of the book I was deeply disturbed by a scene in the first few chapters. I questioned if I should continue reading this book. I decide to continue for two reasons 1. curiosity, 2. my father said I was supposed to be disturbed (it’s just the Human thing to do.)
A few chapters go by and the protagonist appears as the adult Ender. Card really shows you the sorrow and pain Ender feels. Enders name is a bad word and, to the human race Ender is the one who killed the first alien race know to man (the Xenocide.) I myself felt pity for him for he is alone most of his family is dead, he has no wife, and no children. He only has his sister and his computer generated “Jane” she is a very complicated being. Most of the book shows us what the people did to get to the climax which was the rebellion of the newly colonized planet.( I would say what happen but I am not giving a short summary of the story.)’
Only at the end of the book do I learn why the aliens killed Libo and Pipo. They did not know they were killing them. They thought that they were passing them on to their “third life”. Ender later made a treaty with the aliens that if humans could live on their planet that the humans would teach them about their “miracles”. In the very end of my book Ender finds happiness in the widow and her children and marries her and becomes the true father of her children. He found the new home of the hive queen and lets her hatch. All become fulfilled and start a new better life, giving the reader a sense of fulfillment too because we share his pain and we share his joy.

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