Thought on The Speaker for The Dead

Progressing through my book I find a very unique circumstance. Ender (the Speaker for The Dead) goes to a house were a widow and her children live. This widow called the speaker to speak for a man who was like her second father. One of her daughters and one of her sons called for a speaker as well to speak for Libo and their “father”. When Ender enter in to the house he could tell from the beginning that it was broken and wounded. As he walked in he saw a bow who had a knife in his hand charging Ender. Ender grabbed the boy and put the knife in the ceiling holding the boy in a way that if he struggled it would be painful. The boys siblings asked Ender to release him but Ender refused and took a seat still holding the boy. As Ender speaks with the children (the mother is not home) he learn about them and emotionally binds their wounds soon the boy in his hands relaxed but was not done protesting. Grego the boy urinated in the lap of Ender, but Ender did not make it know that it bothered him because that would mean that the boy was victorious. Soon The Speaker knew almost all of their secrets    

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