A Review of Archbishop Chaput’s: Render Unto Caesar

Monday and Tuesday of this week we read chapter 7 ” What Went Wrong”.  This chapter was about politics and religion. The best example of this is John F. Kennedy’s stance on church and state. He believed that church and state should be completely separate, and even that religion should be merely personal and by no means public; interestingly he publicized that he was a Catholic. Many people believed that he would get advice from the bishops or even the Pope, and that would change our goverment in a way that they wold not like. He promised that he would never except their advice. We believe that the government should be associated with religion, but it should not be 100% based off of it. This country was founded on Christian principle so we should keep those.
Wednesday and Thursday we read chapter 8 entitled “Conscience and Cowardice” . It was about “words” and their power. Steven Culvert created a show called the “Culvert Report.” The trademark word of the show was “truthiness”, this is not just facts, it’s facts with heart. The point of the show was not to give you the news or tell you what truth is, it was to ” to feel the news at you”. A few words that Chaput says are brutalized are pluralism, tolerance ,consensus, democracy, choice, common good, and conscience. We but below a few of the description of their suffering.
      Pluralism is the hold of  two conflicting opinions. The book tells us that we shouldn’t  practice pluralism because it is what they call dypsychia. This means”… they’re ruled by two conflicting spirits.”
      Tolerance comes from the the Latin root word tolerare ” to bear or sustain” and tollere ” to lift up.” It implies baring other persons and their beliefs the way we carry a burden if bare a headache.
      Consensus is a mutual agreement in a group of people. Usually, making a consensus around laws and policies, is a worthy goal. The fact that it is an agreement does not play any role in how truthful or correct the consensus is.
      Another misused used and misunderstood word is democracy. The Greek roots of the word democracy are, demos ” people” andkratos “power.”  north Korea and Switzerland claim to be democracies. but in America we see our democracy as “majority rule by the citizens through representative, constitutional government.” American democracy survives on the people who fight for their faith and beliefs peacefully but forcefully and without apology.

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