Ender’s Game

Over the past three days I have read the science-fiction book Ender’s Game (Ender, Book 1)
by Orson Scott Card. At first I did not want to read this book because I don’t read Scifi very often. Also I have never really enjoyed books that are set in outer space or strange distant planets. But when I opened this book I couldn’t close it.

Ender’s Game about a young boy set in the future Earth. This young boy is named Andrew but goes by Ender. Ender and his brother and sister were part a project that could save the world from an alien invasion. Ender’s Brother Peter was born a tyrant who was a killer at heart. Valentine Ender’s sister was nice and kindhearted always Ender’s friend and comforter. While Peter was his worst enemy and was constantly hurting him. But Ender was the perfect mix of Peter and Valentine. He was empathetic and always cared but when the time needed action he could be serious and powerful. The project made these three children geniuses and were unmatched at what they could do. The hope was that one would go through battle school and be the best military commander in all of history. And so Ender being the perfect mixture of Valentine and Peter he was chosen.

In the battle school he learned how to fight be a man and command an army in this time he went from 6 to 12 the youngest to be a commander and graduate ever. When he graduated he went to command school he skipped per-command which never happens. He was a brilliant, ruthless, cunning and a tactical and strategic master.

Ender became very depressed and alone in command school and he worked hard and long to perfect his skills. With the help of his friends he did defeat the aliens. But I will not tell you how because you would hate me for it.

The message in this book I found out by noticing that the author is not the most descriptive author. Then I realized he did this on purpose.  If he had focused on what they looked like we would have seen only whats on the outside and not what really matters on the inside. The message I got from this book is that you never should judge a book by its cover. I will give this book 6 exploding planets out of 5. Any young person will enjoy this fantastic book.

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  1. Shyann

    Yes, this is the best of OSC’s books, and the best of his writing in geenarl. I forget who said that very few young writers are ruined by failure, but nearly all young writers are ruined by early success, but OSC can be held up, I suppose, as an object lesson. His last book, Ender in Exile, which tries to capitalize on this first book, just makes the reader cringe, it is trying so hard, and hitting every wrong note so obviously.

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