Democratic party platform review

Over the past two weeks  we have read the Democratic Party platform. We wrote a detailed paper on what the platform said. They address several of the common problems such as: we want to end terrorism, we don’t want war,and we want more jobs,etcetera. We all want for these things to happen, it’s on other problems that we see differently, such as: homosexuality, abortion, and immigration. If this was the detailed paper or you read the platform yourself you would know why. But that is not we want to say. There is one thing in the democratic platform that really caught our attention.

We notice this problem from the very beginning. The Democratic party attacks the ideas of the Republican party to belittle their ideas and what they stand for. The Democrats also attack Mitt Romney by name in their platform. Some of their accusation are not even true. We believe that they attack the opposing party to make their own ideas look grand and better than anyone else. Another thing we notice was that the Republican party never attack the opposing party.

In our own opinion, it is an excellent idea to read the platforms before you vote in order to have a strong knowledge on your choices.

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  1. Sam

    This post has quite a few typos. Also you guys did bot link your paper. Please link it so that I can read it. One last thing, the republicans did refer to the “Current Adinistration” so that needs tobe changed.

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