The Golden Thread

I just recently finished the book The Golden Thread by Louis de Wohl. This book is about a Man named Inigo de Loyola who renounced a successful military career to become a hermit and a pilgrim to the Holy land. After is journey he began to preach the gospel and was arrested and then was released when the judges heard what he knew of God and his commandments. Later becoming a priest changing his name to Fr. Ignatius and forming a order called “the Company of Jesus” (Jesuits) with a few fellow priests one of which was Don Francis Xavier. Though this book contains his story we see it happen through the background. Through the eyes of a young man named Uli a solider who finds his true love while following this strange hermit who begs and preaches of God and his works.

I truly loved this book the message it told to me was to work hard for the greater glory of God. I suggest this book for those looking for spiritual example. Five out of five stars from me on The Golden Thread.

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