A Reflection on Achbishop Chaput: Render Unto Caesar

This week we read the chapter: Constantine’s Children. This chapter started with a story of two bishops. The first was named Joseph Rummel and he was the bishop over the diocese of New Orleans. He was around the time of WWII and there was a lot of discrimination. He was against discrimination and segregation and helped provide Catholic education to young black people. Archbishop Joseph Rummel allowed 2 black students enter his seminary. In 1953 he issued a letter entitled: ” Blessed are the Peacemakers” in it Rummel condemned segregation. In 1956 he intended on desegregating the Catholic schools but the people disagreed, just a year earlier he had closed down a parish for discriminating against their newly assigned black priest. After all his efforts the diocese finally relented to his efforts.

The second bishop was Raymond Burke of St. Louis. Shortly before he was reassigned he ask 3 Catholic public figures to remain from receiving communion. These politicians claimed to be be pro choice, to Burke their actions showed support for abortion and disregard for their faith. They publicly tried to change the churches views on sanctity of life.

The morel of this story is that when you acted on your faith someone with power wouldn’t like it.

 Over all the church has faced many enemies at many different times and for many different reasons, but this should not stop us from living out our faiths.

We believe that Archbishop Chaput has a great way of putting our problems in to prospective. We can take the lives of these 2 bishops for example.

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