Book Review: Lord of The Rings

      Over the past year I have been reading the book trilogy The Lord of The Rings by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. I have thoroughly enjoined reading these books. The trilogy has love,adventure,action,emotion,and any good attribute that a fantasy book might have. The three books are “The Fellowship of The Ring”, “The Two Towers”, and “The Return of The King”.

      The Fellowship of The Ring- The first book in the series, this book is the most beautiful because it has the journey of the nine companions. In this book the character form a bond that seems not just friendship but love. As they travel from Rivendell to Rohan, Tolkien paints a picture that truly is beautiful.

      The Two Towers- This book is were the dark part of the story starts to creep in. The landscape becomes desolate and dark, hearts are heavy, bodies are weak, and fate seems to be looking down on our friend of Middle-earth. The climax of this specific book was the battle for Helms Deep a great refuge of the Rohirrim.

      Return of The King- This book is were we plunge right at the heart of the darkness that seeks to destroy Middle-earth. For the most part this book is the final question: will Frodo destroy the ring an save the world? Also this part of the series is were every thing is put back to the way it should be. The king is crowned, the houses are rebuilt, trees are planted flowers bloom and all is happy.

      Tolkien’s descriptive writing really helps us to see his story to its fullest potential. This book truly set the awesomeness level for all fantasy books to come I suggest this book to anyone with the desire to go on an epic adventure through Middle-earth.

                                                                                                                                               –Michael Hybner 

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