A reflection on Archbishop Chaput’s “Render Unto Caesar” chapter 3

This week we read another chapter in “Render Unto Cesar” the chapter was entitled “Why We Are Here”. This chapter was about how the Catholic Church and her people are discriminated throughout the world. One example of this discrimination is J.R.R. Tolkien’s mother, Mabel Tolkien. Mable became a christian not long after her husband died in the 1890s. One Sunday they tried a Catholic Church instead of their usual Anglican church. After her visit to the Catholic Church she asked for instruction and joined shortly after. When she became a Catholic all of her family including that of her husbands rejected her. Her brother in law ended any financial help that he had provided after his brothers death. After that Mabel and her two boys slipped into poverty. Her health collapsed but she remained a zealous and practicing catholic. She died a young age and intrusted her sons to the care of a local priest.

This chapter really opened our eyes to see the struggles even our generation will face. This chapter helped us see that though the struggles and sufferings in this world are terrible, the rewards in God’s realm are more magnificent that anything we can imagine

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