A Reflection on Archbishop Chaput’s “Render Unto Caesar” Chapters 1 and 2

The first chapter was all about why Archbishop Chaput wrote the book. There are two big reasons why, the first is, his friend asked him to. The second reason is, he deals with the issues of abortion, homelessness, poverty, immigration, and dozens of others, personally. He believes that the Catholic Church addresses these problems more directly and effectively than any other religious community, yet people try to tell the Church and her people to shut-up about it and this frustrates him.

In the second chapter Archbishop Chaput tells us of how we, America, envy Europe in many things. We envy them in food, art, architecture, music, and culture. The lesson that Europe has taught us through example is that a public life that is without God doesn’t enrich our spirit, it kills it.  Over all this chapter tries to encourage us, as Christians, to speak out about our opinion on politics, economics, & religion.

We came to realize that the real reason for him to write this book is  to give us the knowledge we need to speak out.

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