Our Giant Clock of a Planet

The second chapter of my book, “Privileged Planet” was all about data recorded inside of the Earth. Some of the most unusual things can record massive amounts of data. This data can be from how hot it was 10,000 years ago to how many volcanoes erupted. The first thing I want to talk about are the trees. Our planets forests are like huge library full of scrolls just waiting to be read. Many people know that you can tell how old a tree is by how many rings it has. There is so much more than that tree rings can tell us for example how hot or cold it was or if there was a fire this year. Trees also play another role in recording data along with other plants. Pollen is another little data recorder well not pollen itself but were the pollen goes is what maters. When pollen falls in lakes or ponds it sinks to the bottom and then over years gets covered with sediment. Scientist go and collect pollen from the lakes and ponds and test it and examine them. In doing this they can find out how much pollen there was a specific year which can help them find out how well plants were growing which helps us determine the weather etcetera . The last data recorder I want to tell you about is ice. In icy areas like Greenland and Antarctica deep in the ice there are records of millions of years of things like weather and climate change. Scientists can tell that our current climate and weather is the warmest in 400,000. though in the past there has been spikes in temperature, there has never been one this long. The ice also tells us about volcanic eruptions , carbon and other gas content trapped in bubbles. Many things in our universe tell us about history all we have to do is look for it.

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