Wonderful Eclipses

This week I have started reading the book “Privileged Planet”. The first chapter I read was called “Wonderful Eclipses”. This chapter was all about (obvious) eclipses. I never realized how awesome they were until I read this book. The part that astonished me the most was that our planet is in the perfectest  spot in our solar system. When I say perfect I mean that we are in the circumstellar habitable zone of our solar system. If we were a little bit closer we would be fried. If we were a lot closer the planet’s orbit and spinning would become synced with the sun and one side of the planet would be fried and the other would frozen. As I said before we are perfectly placed in our little solar system. Another thing that is perfect about earth his her moon the moon is not to big not to small and almost perfectly round (for being a giant floating rock). She is also just close enough to the earth that the sun looks just slightly bigger than the moon. All these components help to make “Perfect Eclipses” which are astonishing. These eclipses expose just the perfect amount of sun so that we can see the outer chromosphere. The chromosphere is the pink layer of light around the sun that you can see during eclipses . The color of the chromosphere was an important part of scientific research it helped us find out that the sun burns hydrogen. I have only seen a few eclipses but after reading this I will definitely see them in a different light.


I would suggest this book to any one wishing to learn about our wonderful universe

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