Radioactive Decay

Today in chemistry we learned haw to calculate radioactive decay and find the decay constant. The lab consisted of graphing and calculating. First we started with our radio active substance (split peas), we took them and counted out 50 exactly and put them in a coffee cup and shook them up for a few seconds then put them on to some paper for more counting. We were counting the number of parent, peas on their flat side, and the number of daughters, peas on their round side. After counting them we graphed it and then took the daughters out and repeated the process over and over till all parents were gone. Then we Then we determined the half-life of the hypothetical element in our graph with this formula, t1/2 =In 2 / .We enjoyed this lab, because it required a higher level of thinking than some of the others. Also ,if we were to want to pursue a scientific career we would need probably need to know this.

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