Sea Monsters

Yesterday, August 11th, we watched a video on the findings of a fossil that they believed to be a sea reptile from many millions of years called the dolichorhynchops, Doli for short. When they found it they gave us an animated version of what it would have been like for the Doli in real life. Her and her brother lives began in the shallows of the ocean that spread across the continent of north American, splinting it in two. After only a few seconds after birth she knew by instinct where to get air. After a day or so of teaching from their mother they started catching fish. In about two months they began to move with their main source of food, a herring like fish, to the deeper more vast ocean. When they migrated they began to meet the predator that would almost kill her. These waters were full of unseen monsters. After many years and she has all grown up and has had many of her own young she finally dies of old age.

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