Lab Work

This week we have been doing some science experiments in chemistry and micro-biology. The first experiment that we did was on the scientific method. In this first experiment we had to make a hypothesis on what a certain material was. The second experiment was on length, mass, volume,density, and time. In this experiment we used these to measure a few boxes and a large bolt. The third experiment was on separation of a mixtures of solids. The mixture of sand, benzoic acid, iron filling, and salt. The first step in this experiment was to pass magnet over this mixture and take all the iron out. The second step was to take the rest of the mixture and boil it to remove the sand. After that we used a coffee filter to remove the benzoic acid and leaving only salt water. The next experiment was called Properties of gasses. In this lab we made hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. We made the hydrogen by adding zinc to hydrochloric acid water ,and the oxygen by adding manganese to peroxide. Then we made carbon dioxide by adding vinegar to baking soda. The next one was called microbes everywhere. On the first day we grew culture and we are now watching these cultures as they grow.On the sixth day we gram stained the microbes that we had grown. The process of gram staining was a 4 step procedure that took us about 2hours. The steps were, first, to get a sample form the test tube and put it on the slide. Second,we stained the samples that we had collected form the test tube by adding 4 different color solutions. The first solution was the Purple then the orange then the decolorizer then the blue. In the end we ended up with 4 samples. Last, we identified weather the sample was gram positive or gram negative by looking in the magnifying glass. After cleaning up we noted all this data and were done for the day.


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