Today, Tuesday May 8th, we watched a show call “ America The Story of Us.” The first episode was about when the settlers first came over to the North American continent. At first they spoke of the settlers in Jamestown Virginia, the people traveled there by boat and arrived after a long 2 to 3 months journey on a ship. These settlers got started building and planting… they planted tobacco. In the first year alone the grew enough tobacco for over 1 million dollars in today’s money. Up in Plymouth they had sandy soil so many of them died from lack of  food and at times there were only 6 people able to carry on with the task of building shelters. After the first winter they discovered they were not alone… they had settled in Indian territory. The Indians were friendly and taught the pilgrims how to plant and grow in the sandy soil, using fish as fertilizer. The pilgrims made peace with the Indians. 70 years later the 13 colonies were growing and the tension between the Americans and the British was growing. In Boston there was a Red Coat for every 4 civilians.
After the bloody massacre the conflicts grow. They formed militias and the Red Coats were trying to enforce the kings laws.

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