Mom Turtle’s Journey

Today for science we watch a movie about a female turtle and her incredible journey across the Atlantic ocean. It all starts on the coast of Florida were she hatches and digs for three days to reach the surface. When she does reach the surface she is no bigger than the size of a child’s palm. Her and thousands of others start their journey by first getting to the ocean and there are many obstacles. Crabs and sea birds feast on the tiny, helpless turtles, more than half of them die. Some of them reach the sea, but they are far from safe. The sea birds plunge in after them and get even more. Once the turtle gets far out at sea she is safe on a seaweed raft. The raft drifts on the Gulf current. She grows to a meter long and her shell hardens. She encounters many animals on her way to the North Atlantic where there are feeding grounds. Then during the fall she goes to the Caribbean sea and grows to a fully mature. Then she heads back to the Florida beaches where she was born so that she can mate and lay her eggs. And so goes her life for the next half a century.


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