This week in history we continued our television series on World War II. The series is called The War, By Ken Burns. The one episode we watched this week were called “The Ghost Front” and it was about Hitlers counterattack on the allied troops in the Ardennes forest. Hitler took the forest but then got pushed back. We also it shows us how the American bombers begin their assault on Japan and how one small island would change their plan.

This island called Iwo Jima is a Japanese air strip the allied forces were planing on just flying over it but when they realized it was a valuable air strip were they could have a safe haven were damaged bombers could be repaired they attacked. They bombed them from the air and the attacked from the sea like most battles it was horrific. One of the men they interviewed said that one of the men who had a flame thorougher would go and burn dead bodies and then go swimming because he was so convinced he was going to die that he might as well cool off. In the end we won and the air strip was ours. Through the rest of the show many of the prisoners of war were freed or freed and recaptured from camps in Germany and the Philippines. Many of the prisoners were starved to death in the camps or got sick there is one woman who still live today and was in one of the camps with her mom,dad and her brother.


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