The Move…

For several years now we have been going down to visit our great grand father in Lufkin Tx. From the beginning we have liked down there. There are trees, there is family, and there is water. My great grand father is now 85 and his wife has Alzheimer’s and he has been taking care of her for a long time. Starting a couple of years ago we have thought of moving down there. When we went down there for the family Christmas this year, January 1st 2012, we really got to thinking about moving. Popo, our great grand father, loves it when we come down and visit him but it is a long drive. The trip takes 9 hours one way. When we were leaving to come home we made the decision to move down there and live in the little house that Popo was renting out. At least until we could buy the 27.74 acres down the road. The land has Popo’s pond on it and would be great for horses. So in February we are going to spend time down there to fix things up and start the moving process. The official move date is yet to be decided. All that we really now is that we are going to be moving down there some time after our sisters wedding which is in April.




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