I recently picked up the book named “The Last Crusader” written by Louis de Wohl. The book is about a Saint named Don Juan of Austria. I am not very far in to the book so there is little that I can tell you. So far I know that there is a man named Senor Prevost who is very obese and is traveling to a small and poor village where he is to speak with a couple named the Massys. When he gets close to the village he hears a bang on the outside of the carriage that he was riding in. When he looks out the window he sees a group of young boys popping up over the hill. He turned around and saw a boy with fair hair and blue eyes examining the carriage. Mr. Prevost asked him “Who are you?”. The boy answered “I am the leader of the “Christians” those boys on the hill over there are the “Moors”.”. The group of the boys that were the hill, the so called “Moors”, ran down and attacked the “Christians” but another group of “Christians” came to the help of the others. Prevost Chuckled and pulled the string tied to the pinky of the driver twice to inform him to continue driving.

When they finally reached the village they asked the priest that was walking where the Massys lived. They found the house and Senor Massy had been dead for while. He took the boy that was living with her for it was one of the emperors close friends son. He took the boy to a monistary because the father wanted to know if had any sort of spiritual calling to a priest.

That is all I know… for now.




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