The Show we watched for history was called The War by Ken Burns. It was mainly about WWII, and its effect on the nation. It made us realize the devastation that it caused. The main thing that touched us was the family that went without mothers and fathers.

Through the days of war thousands of people, not just soldiers, but civilians in fact more people died then soldiers. One of the worst times was the Bataan death march were the Americans surrendered to the Japaneses. Even though there General ask if hi men would be treated well and the Japaneses said yes the men were considered cowards and were treated with no respect. The Japaneses brought the solders to a camp after a long death march. Through the duration of the march solders were killed, beaten and insulted. Japaneses soldiers drove by with there sabers put out and would slice throat and behead soldiers. When they finally got to the concentration camp that was unfinished and not in good shape the were starved. The people they buried in the mass grave some men through in their dog tags because the di not know if the were going to every see home again.

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