Game Making

On Monday, November 28th we started the process of making our new game. At first we tried to use a game making engine called Steam. Steam was a cool engine, but the games that we wanted to use for textures was not made or supported by Steam, so we weren’t able to use them. The engine that we found that would work is called Unity.  It is supposed to be more user friendly but we didn’t think that. It actually turned out that it is supposed to be better in the long run. The Steam engine that we would have used was call Hammer Editor and it seemed more user friendly but this opinion could be because we watched multiple videos on Hammer so we knew what we were doing with it and we didn’t really watch any videos for it.

We really were excited to use the Hammer Editor and when we found out that we were not going to get to use it we were mildly upset but the Unity Engine is an okay engine. the games that Unity has put out before were kinda a reassuring sign that it would be a good engine.


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