The Mysterious lump

Today, September 1st, I had my CT-Scan up in Lubbock. When we got up there My body felt nervous but my mind knew that I had nothing to be nervous about. We went in to the room where we signed in and filled out all of the paper work again. Then they took us down to the Radiology area where they filled out some paper work. While we were waiting for them to call us back I read today’s “In Conversation with God”. Almost immediately after I finished reading they came out to get us and we went back in to the CT-Scan room. In the CT-Scan room they gave me an IV but I felt like a baby because I thought that the IV was going to hurt a lot worse then it did. They flushed the IV with saline twice, which was weird because I could smell it, and then they did the contrast twice. The first time they did the contrast it made  my chest warm and the second made just my hand warm. We were finished in no time at all. thank yall for the prayers.


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