Philmont 9

The next morning we awoke to a fairly good temperature but it was weird to wake up in the lean-to building. We quickly ate breakfast and got on the trail to hunters lodge. The trail was of a good difficulty for most of the trip that day. About 1 mile from Cypher’s Mine we saw a bear. the bear was a full grown black bear that was only slightly interested in us. we were just happy that we got to be able to see a bear before the trek was over. the rest of the trail was, like i said, of a good difficulty. When we got to the hunting lodge we went and reported the bear to the staff member that brought us to our camp site. We set up camp and then we headed up to Cimarroncito where most of us went climbing while the others went to Ute gulch to get the rest of the food.the rock climbing was very fun but also very terrifying. when the people got back from getting food we all went in to the bouldering gym where  we got to climb on walls. After these fun activities we went back to hunters lodge, ate dinner, and went to bed.



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