Philmont 8

The next morning we got up and had a nice hot skillet breakfast the first and only hot breakfast on the trail. We took down camp and got moving. Our destination was Cypher’s mine. The trail was down hill the entire way. It took almost no time to get there. When we arrived we went up on the porch, and met the staff there. When we got up there they told us that we had to have a pretend fight between a dinosaur and a chicken to determine who’s Barbie was prettier to find out where our camp site was. After we made a fool of our selves they took us to our camp site where we found that we would be sleeping in a lean to shack. Later we went to a mine tour which was really awesome. They told us about the miners. Then we went back to the very back stopping to explain the purpose of curtain markings or holes, and then we ran out of the mine with all the lights off. If you have never felt dark than that would be your chance. After exiting we went back to camp and relaxed till dinner then we went to bed.



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