Philmont 7

The next morning we woke up and quickly ate breakfast so that  we could get on the road to Red hills. The first part of the road was easy. we crossed over a streem many times. The road was just getting harder to walk on. Eventually we found ourselves climbing up and down the path. There were a couple of spots on the path that we were climbing completely vertical.  After getting to a flat spot we got a drink and rested while another crew passed us. the next distance was not really that hard to hike. we hiked up to the road where we rested and hydrated ourselves. when we got going again it was one of the hardest paths that we walked on. About 2/3rds up the path one of the crew members got altitude sickness so badly that we had to bring him all the way back down the mountain so that the health lodge could take him back to health lodge. The rest of us made it all the way up the mountain safely where we ate lunch and then continued through to Red hill Camp.  When we got to Red Hill we had a hard time choosing a camp site to stay at but we finally decided to stay at the camp that would get us on the trail faster. Set up camp, ate, and went to bed.



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