Philmont 5

We awoke the next morning expecting cold again but there a Beaubien but  it was actually a decent temperature. That day we really didn’t do much we mostly just messed around and slept to make up some of the sleep that we were lacking and for dinner we had stew that the staff made us we also participated in the roping contest we spent two days there at Beaubien. when we got back on the trail the next day we were all really tired. The mountains seemed to be so much higher that day but nobody complained. The trip to black mountain from Beaubien was really just a long up hill stretch then a steep down hill. When we started our descend we stopped to get coal because Black Mountain was the major blacksmithing camp. The down hill trip was easy for most of us so we got down there in a short amount of time.we were so exited for the blacksmithing that we didn’t even go set up camp before we sat down for the class. Afterward we shot some black powder rifles and ate lunch then the staff member took us to our campsite where we set up camp and filled our water bottles. Walked in the water for a little to help cool us off and then we went to bed after a wonderful dinner.

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