Philmont 4

The next morning we awoke to the cold at Carson Meadow. Today was going to be the hardest hike yet. We packed up our equipment and ate our breakfast while we got ready to leave. When we left Carson Meadows we were heading toward fish camp which we were going to pass through on our way to lost cabin. At the beginning of our hike we were challenged with a steeply inclined trail. About half a mile from Carson Meadows the first set of switch backs. These switch backs were extremely inclined and unexpectedly numerous. When we reached the top we discovered a dilemma. Our dilemma was there was a great crack in the mountain top that had been formed by the wind and our path was leading through it. The wind was so powerful that we had to crawl down the small slope to avoid being flung off the mountain. When we all made it through safely we headed back down the other side of the mountain. The trail that we were on was a rocky path that was very dangerous. We climbed along the edge of the mountain until we reached fish camp. While in fish camp we refilled our water battles, ate lunch, and rested for about on hour before get back on the trail. The next 2 miles we walked trough the beautiful valley. Then we raced up the switch back with the slightest of ease. We reached lost cabin first out of the rest of the crews. We set up camp and ate dinner and had a wonderful night sleep.



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