Philmont 10

When we awoke from the hunting lodge we packed ate and got moving. We were headed for tooth ridge, the camp near th tooth of time. The trail was up hill and was very shady so the shade made up for the incline. When we reached the top of the ridge we started to decline. We were so excited because we thought the trail was almost over but it actually far off. We thought this is the switch back no this is the switch back till finally we reached it. The rest of the terrain was very rocky and very hard to walk on. We finally reached the camp we set up camp and ate. Then we went to bed.

The next morning was the last day on the trail we were headed to base camp. The trail was short but it was hot and had no shade. After a mile of hiking in the heat we reached the bottom and entered camp. After returning some gear we enjoyed our last day at Philmont Scout Ranch.


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