The Mysterious Lump

Yesterday, August 26th, we went to the surgeon that my parents had been told to go see by Dr. Gage. When we got there we signed in and filled out some paper work. When we got brought back, which was almost 10 minutes after when we were scheduled to be there, we talked to a nurse that was standing in for the normal nurse and answered the same questions for her as were on the paper work that we filled out in the lobby. She took us to the next room and we waited for the nurse to come in and ask some questions and tell us what he thought. The nurse could barely understand what we were saying and we could barely understand what he was saying. They didn’t understand why where so cautious about it so they sent us to get a chest x- ray and a mono check which came back negative. So all that we have to do now is wait for them to call us so we can schedule a ct-scan.



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