The Mysterious Lump

A few weeks ago i noticed a strange bump on my neck right above the collarbone. i just forgot about it for a while and then i finally remembered to tell my parents. my mom was the one that was really nervous about it but i didn’t think much of it. After a while my Mom scheduled a doctors appointment to see if he could tell us what it is. When we got there he didn’t really tell us anything about he just said that it was a swollen lymph gland and gave me some medicine to take till the next visit. The medicine made me very sick but I didn’t throw up until the last two or three days of taking the medicine. My Mom researched it a little but said that she couldn’t find anything on it. I didn’t research it at all mostly because I didn’t want to know what it was. When we came back to the doctor he said that we should go talk to a surgeon about getting it removed. That is the most that I can tell you because that is all I know.



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