When trying to garden make
sure you always get all the unwanted grass and nasty weeds out of the area
before you try to plant. Dig up the roots and then mix fertilizer in with the
old dirt to make rich for the little baby plants to grow in. Plant your
garden somewhere it will get plenty of sun and shade, water daily. In order to
prevent the burning of the plants, be sure to mix the fertilizer thoroughly. In
our experience the best fertilizer to use is horse manure but, be warned put it
in before you plant anything or the plants will be burned by the manure.

To be successful
gardener you must be educated in the needs of every plant that you grow. First,
you must know where to plant it, in lots of sun in lots of shade or an equal amount
of both. Second, you need to know the planting times and harvesting times. Next,
you must know how much water to give the plants, too much will drown it and, too
little will dry it up like a prune.

If you plan
on gardening will be there right beside you.I hope you fide our advice useful happy


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