Philmont 2



When we awoke the next morning we packed up, and got ready to go. After a nice breakfast we got on the trail to Carson meadows. After about 15 minutes we stopped for water. When we got going again we made it about a mile when we found a fork in the trail. Three of us went down one of the trails while the others waited for us to tell them if it was the correct way of not. When we got down a little way down that trail we saw a river and thought that it was the wrong way so we turned back went the other way. Little did we know that the way we took was in fact the wrong way and the way with the river was the correct way to be going.

After a while of hiking on the very tiresome trail, for it was full of ups and downs, we finally made it back to the trail on witch we were supposed to be on. When we got there we where the first to get there, witch surprised us because that day had felt like a very long day. Later that day we found out why everyone was getting back so late, there was a root-beer cantina back on the trail that we did not travel on. Some of us were unable to let this opportunity slip through their fingers, so they headed back down the trail. Those of us us that stayed behind at the camp washed cloths and took a nap. Two hours later they returned to camp and we had dinner,and went to bed. All during the night the wind was blowing and wrecking our tents. None of us could get any sleep.


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