Big cat diary part II

Recently the lion pride as given birth to a few new cubs and still low on food but the mothers have seemed to have enough to feed their older and the new cubs and they all seem to been surviving. Zebra and some giraffe came through the lions territory and made great meals.

The cheetahs Cudogo and her cubs have been very unsuccessful the past few weeks and have been struggling to survive hopefully some animals will cross paths with the cheetahs and they will be able to survive the hot summer months.

Halftale and her cub have been quit happy with their life’s and have nun but hyenas to worry about . Her cub is growing very independent and the male of the territory we found mating with another leopards we should have a few new cubs in a few weeks. Food has not been a problem and we saw Halftales cub catch a rabbit her first kill soon the cub will go out and make her own life.

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