The journey began on Thursday June 16th 2011 with our trip to Nazareth Texas, where we met up with a fellow trekker. We spent the night at his house and left for Philmont the next morning. When we arrived at “Base Camp”we signed in, designated leaders, and filled out paper work. After meeting the Camp Ranger that was going to to help us out during the beginning of the trek, we went to our tents and set up for the night. Later that day we were trained so that we were more capable to survive. After eating a wonderful dinner, we went back to our tents and went to sleep. The next day our first day of trekking would begin!

We woke up the next day with a determined mind set “To hit the road”. After eating our last breakfast we headed to the bus stop where we would board a bus to the “Rayoto Turnaround”, the beginning of our trek. On the bus the two rangers who where on the bus gave us some advice for the road. Once we reached our destination we got of the bus. Rayoto was full of activities such as a tour and tomahawk throwing. The tour consisted of many rooms, the first of which was the “Grand Hall” where they would hold dances and parties. In this room there were three guns, two of which were replicas and one was the real deal and it was over one hundred years old. After he explained the guns we moved to the next room which was a bedroom. In the bed room there were two beds one for the parents and one for the oldest child. The other children slept on the floor with straw mats. The next room was the kitchen. The kitchen was manly for the preparation of food the cooking was often out side to avoid the over heating of the small adobe room. The next room was the second bedroom for the hired fur trappers. The room was filled with animal pelts and three beds,and animal traps. The next room was the work shop. It was also the storage room for grain. ;Most of the projects where saddles. The next room we went to was the blacksmithing room. There we made a J-hook. After that we went out side where the blacksmith led us and they taught us to throw tomahawks. Only a few of us were any good at it. After all these cool activities we finally hit the road and were of to Olympia. The first mile or so was a good challenge but after that the road was easy going. When we got to Olympia we set up camp and just relaxed at the campsite because there were no staff members there to do any activities with us.

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